I am a live wedding and event painter, an adventurous traveller and denteeply committed to my work.
After National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria I began my business initially as a Wedding Designer. A few years later I was living in Portsmouth, UK, where I picked up my paint brushes again and naturally I started painting wedding scenes, bridal portraits and flowers. During those years spent there, I have learned the real meaning of work and taste for challenge. 

I love a wedding atmosphere and the emotions on that day. There is something special, so endearing about painting those once-in-a-lifetime kind of moments.  I feel so inspired to capture on canvas different cultures and unique moments where you will be at your best.

I have the chance to meet and work with couples in love and futur parents who has the same passion as me for nature, authentic and beautiful places.




Т: +359 888 446 702


Sofia, Bulgaria

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